Shapes and Colors

by The Directionals

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released June 22, 2013

Written, composed, and produced by Mark Poe.
The album features Bob Schaab on drums, and Mark Poe on Guitars and Vocals, with a guest appearance by Sean Jurewicz on lead guitar on Arms Around Me.



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The Directionals Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Est. August 2011

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Serenade of Fire
Serenade of Fire - Chan knowledge has shown, mountainsides succumb to a mind upright, lie wounded doe you'll see nothing waits for life, clouds dark and grey move in, water pulls up earth, elemetal fire, shake the grounds below you turn, stand with gods and chant, wake up for the serenade of fire, cast a subtle shadow on your mind, bow before the trial of your rites, wake up for your life, shot in a field attacked during mass on sunday, wake up for your serenade, movement around my yard a landscape is scarred
Track Name: The Strobes
The Strobes – Oh wait oh world oh when I show you how to play and move into the darkness of the night, we’ll scare and stalk and terrorize the town you call home and grew up in, at night the moon is out all people that we see, we kill consume, and sell the rest for blood reserves and make an ink that stains concrete forever that’s our message, a flash of light will blind as I am near your home, your mind, your eyes consistently will burn, with pain, won’t let you up until it’s way too late you’re already my keep, away from day it’s how we prize our meals up front, upkeep, the strobes and stay so healthy, young, we are vampirical by nature it’s our evolution, come with me my dear on walks, and I will show you a grim story about beheadings occurred on docks, from 1950-’78
Track Name: Eyes
Eyes – I can’t explain it more, my feelings on this are floored, I wish I knew just what you were, I waste but bide my time, I noticed all and you were right, I guess you reached for the sky, I’ll burn my eyes out if it’s what you want, I’ll tear the cure up but it’s way too much, the world waits on edge, for you to raise the dead, I noticed you weren’t wrong again, I can’t explain it fine, I want to see your skyline, who were you to show your faith
Track Name: Hero Theme
Hero Theme - Wide sweep on front street, time change your club scene, could learn something or not, meet us at the lakefront, I can't seem to wait for, windpipes win in our sanctuary, compound the snakes you see, I've got the sack that you would need, no one is hissing at me, song cemetary I cut away, can we learn to slow down, Carry on still, make sure your time does kill, could mean something or not
Track Name: Step
Step – tall com latch ender whoa, with an emery we'll undiscover love and chivalry, we make you tell , we went, on to the sugar mapes , you talk slow, while pilot A he condescends, cold call in sin we'll weigh in, we're not caught on yet oh, white kids, on tenement, what does it mean, you left me in a disguise you left me in a broken wing, the colored sun in the house of white, and you're called to sit and tell, how bombs ignite, cry out the wind will see it, way out my collars swaying, kissing cops, a man tells his son who burnt us, it's good to see you cat
Track Name: Breath Freeze
Breath Freeze – My breath will freeze on impact of the air created by, your needs, so cold so chill it’s all we need to break our union oh you make me scream, arise from sleep, alone your life is so cold must I say merci, the fool of once has helped me calculate discourtesy, you make me scream, awhile to sell the culprits not my type, arise from sleep, alone my life is so great must I say, merci, the fool of once I was to calculate discourtesy
Track Name: Blockages and Passages
Blockages and Passages – Red wire, trip nerve, tick fast black bomb, hard right star vessel, retrace to skip time, recall what you’ve been taught, fall into castle cloud, hard wire space and time, phase one transistor, quasar electric, phase one resistance, phase one reactor, came on the last one, fitted to sheets on bedtime we float in space, where did we go where have we ended up, slivers of silver cut deep into our minds, we call to base and pass out before we're done, look out the porthole decipher coordinates, kill time we play with our blackened silhouettes, we want an ending to come into our abyss, killer a terror bring us before an end, black wire trip nerve, tick fast red bomb
Track Name: Arms Around Me
Arms Around Me – You showed me how to dance, showed me how to move my faith, a kiss under the moonlight I swear we moved the stars, last time that I saw you, I was only seventeen, now ten years past I still want you to, put your arms around me, hold me like you mean it, turn the world around us off, this could be our muse until we die, die from suffocation, don’t let go until I, turn purple and stop moving, this could last until we turn to dust, I’m only hearing sirens, turn the f*ing radio off, yeah mixed in with the screaming, this could make a beautiful song, you showed me how to dance showed me how to move my faith, now everything I’ve hoped for, everything I like is gone, I want to go back to a time when I was sane, the only way I know is to not let go of memory, I lay upon my bed and hope that no one will know, I drank a bunch of arsenic now we play the waiting game
Track Name: Go On
Go On, Get Outta Here – this is the worst day that I’ve ever had I probably won’t meet you at the door, I told my friends to just go on I probably won’t need them anymore, my victories don’t define me I won’t let myself become this way, just so we’re clear I make my own mistake, when the big collapse, occurs you won’t be added, massed in parking lots, scale them all at nightfall, keep on shouldering the bell, I can’t believe it, soothed and collected march into hell, just let this one slip for now I probably will land the same problem, I used to like, spending time but now I probably won’t see you anymore, history won’t define me I won’t let myself become this way, just so you know you f*ed it up this time, it burns when you’re around burns like a hot dilemma, sow your wild oats, can you make it out a-live in one in all, just cut your heavy burned, seems like it all, hits home, the Achilles tendon on it’s way, hard to assume my yellow suede, hope it escalates your town, hope it cuts you it cuts you down, hope it’s in there I hope there’s light I hope that it discards right, just let this one come back to ground I’ll gravitate, I’ll shoot it on my own, just tell my friends to just go on, I probably won’t need them anymore, courtesy my etiquette I won’t let that be just who I am, just so you know you f*ed it up this time we let it get too far, I can’t just sit and soak it up, just so you know you f*ed it up this time.