Circle of Gods part 1

by The Directionals

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Matthew Cade
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Matthew Cade Fantastic creativity flows from this great MKE Town band! Solid music! Favorite track: Love is the Only Way.
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This is the first installment of a two-part series, completed over the course of three years by Mark Poe, Bob Schaab, and Chris Liska, and polished off with band friend and visual artist Josh Calloway doing a masterpiece cover. Themes of the album include a cyborg apocalypse, occultist ritual, thievery, death, pagan spirit worship, and vampire tales


released April 14, 2017

Written and produced by Mark Poe
Assisted production by Bob Schaab
Vox, guitar, and synths performed by Mark Poe
Drums performed by Bob Schaab
Bass performed by Chris Liska and Mark Poe
Main Cover art by Joshua Calloway
Bonus images and text by Mark Poe



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The Directionals Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Est. August 2011

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Track Name: Archai Mess
move along, am i okay, dire words, side siren song raid in real life, I want my old mind back on recall, your cycle hard stops at the end makeshift first aid kit, travel at light speed, he don’t react, you died on the road on the front, the high chain command, lived among, holy fuck the destroyer, rain trickled down to main land, now bring back our dead to our gain eyes optic fiber, digital input, screams project, light infrared cryptic encoding, stolen from factions, they won’t admit be killed or play dead over horizons, black clouds of ships, glory of death, covers the sky, storm is electric, explosions are alpha, the reaper calls back, omega we act skulls stare back, countless lives, lost in raids, cyborg men, rising brave, mountains gone, leveled out, spaceship fleet, new masters
Track Name: Love is the Only Way
hear out we act the part love is the only way written word ages old no longer rule of law we embark for centuries holy war not in a name pray to god we hit the earth paralyzing in its wake we have, in black, free mass, he laughs, we have, in black, mass, he laughs a whispering saturate with alcohol experience delirium sacrifice your offering, gates of salt will open up kiss the ring the universe is in the red while I am god
Track Name: Giver Up
Lie awake at night and say Give her up and try to stay soldier on at soldier field take her time and cut to kill making sure that life doesn’t rear it’s evil side the end of days are near let’s keep holding hands break em so they dance time to start a band kill em in their bed collect the cream and flee the scene break your vows and form a stream, the men are gone, and they took it all, take some time, and cut to kill, cut away, and fade to me, steal her hand, and keep your dream, the elder one, will head to sea, a will for blood, in light of thieves, lie awake at night and say take her time and lie away seal her up at soldier field take some time and cut to kill sell your work, and soldier up, kill her man, and get it in
Track Name: Old Days
i detest, i detect a sense of recklessness set out to get your mind wrecked, sell your sleep, the dream police, there’s the window throw out the tv what we meant, is money spent on some circumsized men they’re extorting the rent soulless clone, in their work, change your thoughts with a pill to swallow the old days are when we had fun it’s a crime, to live a life, of embarrassing times and to still get a fine never sleep, the mind police, are posting rants worth nobodys dollar this is it, we all quit, our self worth is out the door and we don’t get a tip calm your mind, live the dream, tell your friends get them to follow the old days are when we had fun the good times will bring everyone society’s broken, pissed and left alone, still I won’t work for the pay, i detest detect, a sense of recklessness and we’re out to get wrecked sold our sleep dream police, there’s your wallet take out your money what we need our gaurantees, that we earn enough to get our tattoos and gold teeth take a boat, to morrocco, drink enough to endure bravado the old days are when we had, fun all night, through the day the good times did bring everyone
Track Name: Freedom
I want freedom, divine liberation from the body I got no care, whatever stuck in a terror while the coma is hot life won’t wait catch you without warning cast out to the corpses just a little bit soul split right exit through the wetland a drowning in the borough just a little bit sight, forgotten darkness encompasses the chamber we’re in scared, wherever, escape is an illusion this is where we begin get drunk and drive around, start the process steal the live around, combat their ending get lost and fly around, take their wellness it all comes right around, a bleak enigma i love bleeding, drunk on endorphins while the iron is hot no tear, whatever, reinstated killing how we feed overall