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released March 22, 2014

All music and lyrics by Mark Poe, except for Prog Bananas, on which music was written by Bob Schaab and Mark Poe, and lyrics were written by Poe.
Mark Poe sang and played all the instruments on the record except for drums, Bob Schaab played those.
Engineered by Randall Gunter at Trax 52 in Mequon, WI.
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Poe for Ground Station Media.
Graphic Design by A1 Design (a1design.com.ar)



all rights reserved


The Directionals Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Est. August 2011

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Track Name: Never What it Seems
On my way to show us how to run
It's never what it seems. that's fine I don't know
Stories told, kick you through the heart
Will lead you through the stars. all right cut it off
I can put it all aside and scramble to my role
Wish you to the brush is streaming face up in the clouds

Here we go, reinstate the rule
Tired feet can rest, all stand all the time
The stories told, kick you through the heart
Of old times all gone by, all right cut it off
I can put it all aside and be tough in my role
As your flight commander I direct you to go home

Whoa ride me down from the sky into windfall
I line up while the moon falls out of orbit
Pre adjust the time postal man in the mountains
Oh let me hear the tales we wait for
Breaking day open mind call your helter
Track Name: Prog Bananas
White cave unseen plays host reign demand a portal through the white sands, great war unseen cast prayer chakra placed outside on a space line

I can talk to ghosts and more just let me say my name, a messenger working a costal brain, pain shakes sore legs soft strength

Conjure a dark scene black wind stir the spirits call a storm death trap bring out a blank screen electron charge appearance cause magnetic outcry,

Lightning bolts across the park to set the shore aflame, a carriage without horse to pull moves on, light beam salt lake nerves burn
Track Name: Now Tank Raid
Kiss the sound with your beautiful eardrum, let me in I will corner your mind, so definitive an audio napalm, we're electric we're an audio shrine, I'm asked to wait, low all harmony walkdown,

Rock and roll, thinning out a now tank raid, never let it drone and on, we are bound to stay right here, it's so easy talking to

We'll never make it when the meteor crashes, I gotta let you in to open your eyes, Sierra sun in the distance is setting, shelter comes from a radial eye, I move to weigh, low all harmony walkdown,
Track Name: Goodbye
Woke up tall an idea entered I'll be here for your escape, I will disappear we'll fake my death they'll never find me, we can joke and laugh all day when nightfall comes it's time to work, make this happen this will happen we'll pull a heist of one man's life, it won't help me

On Old Man's bluff we'll disappear I will make sure you're there to ensure we say goodbye, to make our moms cry, with a video camera in your hand, you will take my life, a gunshot sounds my insides fly, this is what I've always wanted, it won't help me,

In the afterlife the spirits cry, I feel for their grasp but it's a lie, I will have my way, I will show them how it feels to cry, it won't help me
Track Name: The Path of Chrost
I meant to tell you that you were everything, and now you've walked out, so we've crossed the world in love,

I'm at a crossroads, why won't the countess sing, she went to look out, showed up and ruined my life, I meant to kick out, I meant to lay you, I'm meant to look for you showed up and ruined my life

I'm in the race so look out, your cutthroat ties are all mine, oh we're on the radio, you're pulled in now right is now alright
Track Name: Ho Surf (Instrumental)
neer neer neer ner wheeer er, dooty doot doot, doo doot doot dooty doot doot, ho,